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Propel your learning community forward with the last online homebase you’ll  ever need.

Linkr Virtual Exchange and Learning Community Platform

Who do we support?

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Learning Communities
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More and more education organizations and associations are collaborating globally without a hitch, thanks to their custom linkr.

When everyone is elsewhere, a linkr brings communities together like nothing else. Learn how Blended Mobility and Virtual Exchange programs thrive with their own linkr.

A familiar, light, and highly human interface where participants can stay organized and engaged in a secure environment.  

Classes and Consortiums
"Setting up a virtual exchange programme across 11 countries with over 70 institutions seemed like a daunting task. Linkr’s efficient and easy to use software, as well as the incredibly supportive team behind the platform were key to the success of our programme."

Ansgar Schaefer,
SEAMEO TVET Exchange Programme Coordinator, SEAMEO Secretariat, Bangkok, Thailand

Linkr provides the ideal homebase from which to engage, expand, and train your community


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Linkr provides linkrs - plug-and-play platforms with intuitive, customizable, user-friendly interfaces that feel familiar at first sight.

  • Stop juggling too many tools; build your own linkr and enjoy the benefits of one dynamic, online homebase  

  • Facilitate dialogue and increase engagement within your community

  • Consolidate all your resources into one, easy-to-organize location

  • Increase efficiency for projects, working groups and communities of practice

  • Guarantee protection and privacy while keeping your information secure

  • Provide a friendly point of entry for newcomers

Hit the Ground Running

Linkr Virtual Exchange and Learning Community Platform

"We’re very happy with our interactive platform, as it has allowed us to manage and support a growing global community of educators. We are also more than satisfied with Linkr’s customer service - they fully grasp our work and mission and provide support in a timely, professional and thoughtful way. "


Nicole Fournier-Sylvester, Ph.D.

Education Manager

Make Training Thrilling

Exceptional training is key to community growth and showcasing what an organization does best. A linkr facilitates training and community building. 

  • Easily create classes and manage training in real time 

  • Provide a ready destination for post-webinar discussions

  • Grow international programming with a safe, GDPR compliant software

  • Share resources and information with the world through Linkr’s dedicated publishing tool 

  • Easily promote your programs, projects and community across all other platforms

Community platform for Learning communities and Education Organizations
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Built By & For
Lifelong Learners

Linkr was envisioned by a teacher who wished to smash the glass wall between the classroom and real life, in order to restore the thrill of learning through personal experience. The result is a platform that lets learning be guided by curiosity and driven by shared experience.

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We take your privacy very seriously

Linkr is GDPR
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Linkr does not share
or sell users data
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There are no ads
on linkr

"With Linkr, educators and learners from our home institution can easily collaborate with partner institutions in a fun and real learning environment. Cohorts can even connect across years and projects."


Dave Hoida

Experiential Learning Network Director

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