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Linkr for Blended Mobility 

What is "Blended Mobility"?

An emerging industry term, a ‘Blended Mobility’ program is one where students sign up for study outside of their home campus (the mobility part), which is then augmented by some form of virtual exchange pre, during, and/or post exchange (the blended part). The pandemic drastically reduced the mobility aspect of many programs, but the future is heading full steam back into Blended Mobility in a major way, and Linkr is fast becoming the preferred hub for cross-institutional collaborations worldwide. 

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Blended Mobility integrates virtual exchange and collaboration, before, during and/or after student exchanges. It offers varying degrees of involvement to give a wider range of participants access to the kind of intercultural and interactive experiences that make traditional exchange programs so impactful.


A Blended Mobility program is run by an educational institution or organization which has harnessed the power of Blended Mobility components to broaden their learning community around international exchange.

Why are Institutions and Organizations Championing and Growing Blended Mobility Programs?

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As a cost-effective and easy-to-implement initiative to expand and enhance traditional programs, especially during the COVID-19 era 

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To provide access to study abroad programs to learners who might otherwise not be able to participate in exchange

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To keep alumni a part of a learning community which showcases the impact of mobility programming

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To make a positive impact on the world outside of institutional walls

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To offer potential participants a window into the experiences of program alumni

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To increase interactivity within and across institutions before, during and after exchanges

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To expand the impact of internationalization and experiential learning offices

4 Ways Linkr Makes Harnessing the Power of Blended Mobility Easy

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ONE – Linkr requires little to no setup

It’s a Web-based platform, like the ones you know, only it's customizable, keeps your work organized, and community focused.
Linkr platforms function as a virtual home base for your participants, including those from home and partner institutions. For bilateral agreements, institutions can share administration of a space, or a single institution can have a space to manage multiple partnerships and programs. It’s flexible and easy to use!


TWO – Linkr is made to scale

So no worries if your usership suddenly expands, or you want to add another program or partner on-the-fly. It can even help you track and showcase outcomes.
Linkr platforms are set up to measure impact and engagement, providing valuable insights into your programs and community.

Not only does Linkr make it easy for participants to get involved, usership is lifelong. Alumni can stay in touch, pick up communications again down the road, and develop meaningful, long-term relationships  and mentorships.


THREE – Linkr is secure

Compliant where it counts, Linkr platforms pass every test for protection of personal privacy and information.
(To learn more: Linkr Privacy and GDPR compliance)


FOUR – Linkr makes Blended Mobility an easy sell

Across administrators, institutions, educators, and learners – it’s unanimous. Linkr platforms are engaging and fun!

Linkr is the Best Platform to Help you Create, Manage, and Grow your Blended Mobility Program!

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We Hold Hands Too.

Linkr’s Blended Mobility consulting services can help new programs take off smoothly. With years of experience, the Linkr consulting team is ready to support your institution, organization, or community thrive via Blended Mobility. 

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