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2023-24 Client Props

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Wishing all our clients, colleagues, and collaborators an amazing start to this new academic year! At the same time, we'd also like to take a moment to recognize and appreciate a select few who have added an extra spring to our step this fall by making inspiring use of their linkr platforms.


The Association Québecoise de Pédagogie Collégiale is a membership-based organization of people deeply involved in the province's college pedagogy. Their annual symposiums, conferences, published resources, and lecture series contribute to maintaining the robustness and ongoing evolution of Quebec's colleges.

AQPC supports over 67 member institutions and uses the AQPC linkr to provide smart, safe, group spaces for all their Communities of Practice to discuss and debate pressing issues. Some groups have over one hundred members, like the AI CoP group (105) and Administration & Management Techniques CoP group (144). That these groups are able to organically grow and make the most of their online home base is music to our ears.

TWO: United Planet Explores AI With Linkr

After a grant enabled United Planet to facilitate a collaboration across six high schools with a view to discover ways of harnessing the power of AI, the learning organization opted for a linkr as the project's LMS. Participants will collaborate to create books with AI-generated illustrations among other projects. We're looking forward to following their progress with this unique virtual exchange initiative and promise to report back in an upcoming blog!

THREE: Champlain Certifying With Linkr

Champlain College is using its linkr to create 7 new certification programs for students. They're using the linkr to help students connect with faculty, clubs, community organizations and peers, creating a supportive community space that allows each student to curate their path to success. Go Champlain!

Keep Learning!

A real highlight of last academic year was Linkr's inclusion in the IIE Networker publication. As the first private organization facilitating life-changing international exchanges for students worldwide, it was a genuine honour to have Linkr as a tech feature in the Spring 2023 edition. The article centres around the experience of IIE's HIVER virtual exchange program, which we are proud to say have signed on for a whole new cohort this year!

Read all about Linkr & IIE/HIVER here.

Or reach out to today to learn more about why so many academic institutions, learning organizations, and training companies love their linkr.

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