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For Training Companies Looking to Engage

Efficient yet human online training programs that keep your emerging community in touch.

Offering quality training experiences and sustained brand engagement is at the core of any successful training company, and Linkr is your all-in-one solution for streamlining operations, making clients happy, and increasing sales.

Why should training companies choose Linkr?


Provide effective and engaging online training experiences.


Issue and manage digital certificates and badges.


Keep in touch with clients without duct taping email and social media.


Build a community around your company and trainings to increase sales.

Key Linkr Features


  • Offer Quality Asynchronous and Synchronous trainings

  • Deliver certification badges


  • A secure, private, branded all-in-one community platform.

  • Share news about your new offerings, provide resources for registration, and more!

Groups for Communities of Practice

  • Keep alumni together post-trainings

  • Create thematic groups for communities of practice

  • Foster collaboration across an emerging community

Portfolio, Publications & Profiles

  • Vivid profiles offer members of the network paths to meet, learn and collaborate.

  • Publishing features provide each member the opportunity to blog and publish content with security across Linkr

We Also Support

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​Say goodbye to your legacy LMS, and say hello to Linkr!

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