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For Academic Institutions With Multi-Institutional, International and/or
Experiential Programs

The traditional LMS isn’t built for learning outside the classroom.

Educational institutions continue to see the value of offering certificate programs and community learning opportunities which extend beyond the institutional wall.

While these programs continue to emerge as valuable assets, program managers run into barriers for scaling their impact:

  • Learners in mobility and experiential programs lack appropriate online support

  • Recruitment is a challenge; interaction before, during and after exchanges is limited

  • Certificate and micro-credentialing programs function differently than classes and often take place across or outside of academic calendars

  • Alumni of programs have no space to keep their community together

  • Quality global learning experiences are restricted to only a small subset of learners

  • Virtual exchange programs are not well-supported in a typical institutional LMS

Why do academic institutions choose Linkr?


Create a community across home and partner institutions and  keep alumni together indefinitely.


Globalize / Internationalize curricula.


Deliver certificate / microcredential learning programs and award badges in a flexible space outside standard academic calendars.


Enhance and scale mobility and virtual exchange programs with blended and virtual exchange.

Key Linkr Features


  • Offer Quality Asynchronous and Synchronous trainings

  • Deliver certification badges


  • A secure, private, branded all-in-one community platform.

  • Share news about your new offerings, provide resources for registration, and more!

Groups for Communities of Practice

  • Keep alumni together post-trainings

  • Create thematic groups for communities of practice

  • Foster collaboration across an emerging community

Portfolio, Publications & Profiles

  • Vivid profiles offer members of the network paths to meet, learn and collaborate.

  • Publishing features provide each member the opportunity to blog and publish content with security across Linkr.

We Also Support

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