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Organized Excitement: AQPC + Linkr

The AQPC (Association Québecoise de Pédagogie Collégiale) is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 to provide a space for college and cégep staff to discuss and support matters related to pedagogy, with the goal of improving student success rates across Quebec. Their 1200-strong membership includes professors, professional staff, managers, and university students aiming to work in higher education. Their annual symposiums are critical, well-attended events where the movers and shakers within the province’s higher education community come together to exchange ideas, share advancements, and celebrate wins. This year, Linkr was invited.

In November 2021, the AQPC sponsored a linkr for Intercollegiate PED Days, an online professional development event that promotes sharing between educators, fosters intercollegiate professional development, and strengthens collaboration between the English-language CEGEPs. The results were so positive that less than two months later in January 2022, AQPC launched a linkr of their own.

A year and a half later, the AQPC linkr is home base to over 80 groups, 70 of which are collaboration tools for their member associations. Apart from promoting the AQPC’s work, groups dive into major topics of interest affecting their industries, or the education world at-large. There’s a group focused on administrative management techniques that’s 113 members strong, a 39-member community of practice around teaching college-level chemistry, and a growing group focused on AI in higher education that’s reached 85 members since launching less than a month ago.

With over 350 members and counting, AQPC is especially looking forward to Linkr 2.0 - a complete platform revamp with improved navigation that will allow their members to more easily navigate between their growing number of groups, while fostering interactivity and community between them.

AQPC is proud to be using a quebecois platform developed by members of our collegiate network. The Linkr team is dynamic and always in "solution mode" where it comes to improving their product. We're very much looking forward to Linkr 2.0! - Samuel Bernard, AQPC Executive Director

We totally share Samuel's excitement around presenting our next-generation Linkr platform to this growing community of Linkr lovers and the world. With new accessibility and assignment features, badging and survey tools, and a brand new, super intuitive interface, Linkr's future is looking as bright as its clients'!


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