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Linkr Loves CICAN

This year’s Colleges & Institutes Canada (CICAN) Conference proved extra meaningful and exciting for the Linkr team, not least because of the palpable excitement educators felt around Linkr’s potential for blended mobility programs.

The theme of this year’s conference focused on innovative teaching and assessment methods that take learning beyond the typical classroom setting - Linkr’s original purpose. From Hyflex teaching, to traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, to work-integrated learning, CICAN 2022 was all about out-of-the-box assistance for the dynamic future of learning in the post-covid era.

Presenting remotely alongside Vanier College, Linkr Founder and CEO Gabe Flacks joined the Vanier team in walking the room through the exciting transition two four-year projects are making from traditional classroom to blended mobility learning through their dedicated linkrs. Both involve collaboration with colleges in Africa, one nursing program exchange in Malawi, and a wildlife conservation program in Namibia.

The benefit of on-the-ground experience for both programs is readily apparent, yet it’s the virtual exchange component brought by their dedicated linkrs that has truly made these programs both possible, enjoyable, and future-focused. For Nursing Professor Melodie Hicks, it’s the limitless participant feature that opens up so many possibilities both today and down the road;

"Why this platform is so exciting for me is for alumni. The beauty of the platform is that I can embed alumni into the program, everything is easier to manage and it's all in one place." - Melodie Hicks, Professor of Nursing, Vanier College

For Dean of International Education Alena Perrout, Linkr’s centrality and organizational features are a huge plus in the prep department for students embarking on this very demanding program;

"We truly believe that students are going be better prepared... and the first two weeks of the exchange will not be as challenging as they have been." - Alena Perrout, Dean of International Education, Vanier College

Throughout the Vanier Linkr presentation you could almost hear light bulbs flashing as attendees across the country realized what a simple solution a custom linkr would be for their progressive learning goals.

"The virtual exchange component of the mobility program has proven to be the silver lining as we include many more students in the intercultural training." - Melodie Hicks

As intimidating as the future can sometimes look, feeling connected to a supportive

network that’s easy to reach, organize and leverage is always the key to thriving in the new. That’s exactly what Linkr brings to the innovation table. An out-of-the-box solution that becomes an overnight comfort zone that grows and evolves with your ambition.

Read more about how Linkr supports blended mobility programs on our website, and reach out for a free demo to see how a linkr can support your future learning goals!


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